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Corporate/Large Business Service

Defcon-5 knows that corporations, and large businesses require high security. Not only for protecting their investments, but to increase consumer trust in their products, services, and company. Increased security not only protects your existing assets, but acts like an investment for keeping your customers trust, and can save money on insurance.

We consider a corporate/large business to be any business that is not independently owned, dominant in their field of operation, and falls within certain criteria for annual income and employees.

Because of the security needs of large businesses, we offer a greater range of services for them to choose.

Services Typically Offered for Large Businesses


At Defcon-5 we always do a security audit and provide you with a written report detailing every vulnerability we found and the actions that need to be done to correct them. We do not correct any vulnerability until after our audit is done. We do this to provide you the opportunity to see the level of work required to be done for securing your infrastructure. Included in our security audit is our estimated quote for correcting the vulnerabilities. What this allows you to do is budget for your security, and give you the opportunity to talk with us about what we found. We also offer other services as well, feel free to browse our list of services that we offer.

To setup a meeting to discuss services, and pricing contact us.

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