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Operating System Hardening Service

Why harden your operating system?

The operating system is the core of a computer system, without an operating system the computer does not know how to load programs, and files into memory. Because the operating system is at the center of a computer system it is the most likely target of an attacker because of it's large user base. Hence securing your operating system is the best place to start when securing a computer system.

The operating system ultimately controls access to files and other resources, securing it is the most effective security enhancement that you can perform enterprise wide. Viruses and worms often exploit flaws within operating systems to gain access to networks where they then spread faster. Usually once gaining access to a network via an operating system that has not been secured, viruses and worms have little to no difficulty in spreading throughout the entire network by other computers that are not secured as well.

How do you harden an operating system?

Operating System hardening is a very routine practice, and while does not seem to be very involved it can be a fairly complicated process depending on the operating system. However all operating systems go through the same process.

  1. Patch the operating system and it's components.
  2. Enable higher security options, and disable lower security options.
  3. Turn off or disable unnecessary operating system services.
  4. Enable appropriate logging options.
  5. Appropriately set user access permissions.

While most system administrators can lock down a system with user permissions, and removing unnecessary services, they may not be aware of all the security options available to them through their operating system. The list can be quite extensive, and the settings are often scattered throughout the system.

Our operating system hardening service is at the core of our other hardening services such as web server hardening. Contact us to discuss pricing and other options for security analysis, and hardening.

Last Updated: 03/10/2008 02:58 AM