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Physical Security Audit Services

While Defcon-5 specializes in computer security, we can also perform an audit of your physical security as well. We believe that while your computers may be safe from cyber attacks you will still always run the risk of "normal" physical attacks such as theft. These attacks can compromise your data, or the security of your employees or customers.

Shoplifting and Theft

A good physical security audit will point out potential areas that shoplifting and theft can occur in. These areas are often places where cameras are not present, out of staff view, and sometimes even poorly illuminated. These are the ideal places for a thief to take merchandise over to and hide on their person, remove product security features, or trade off to another thief (in a multi person job) to remove suspicion from another thief. Thiefs constantly look for stores that have these issues, and once they identify areas they can use to steal from they will often return several times over a period of months each time taking products away with them.

Our security audit will identify locations in your store or place of business that can be used to steal products. Our audit will identify the best locations to place cameras, mirrors, and lighting. Remember also that it is not only customers you must worry about stealing products, but employees as well. We will check not only the shopping floor but other areas as well such as behind the cash register, employee break rooms, and product storage areas.

Burglary and Robbery

Burglars and robbers are different than the common thief. While the common thief will go to extremes to make sure that they are not detected or seen. A robber is often not as stealthy, and will usually walk in and take goods or demand money and walk straight out. Sometimes a robber will check a business first to see if they have cameras or other security features, and later come back to perform the task. A burglar is more stealthy, and will check a store very well before attempting to break in after hours and take merchandise. In either case their is not much you can do to completely stop the crime from happening, but you can deter it, and increase the amount of evidence that you will have for finding the culprit.

We make sure that the entrances, exits, and other possible points of entry have sufficient camera coverage to record everyone who enters and leaves the building. This allows you to provide to authorities video that they can review and use to identify possible suspects. Combining this with placement of cameras through out the building and you greatly increase the chances of deterring would be robbers and burglars, and catching them as well. Burglars will often break into a building after hours when it is closed. We will also recommend the placement of additional security devices such as motion detectors and infrared trip beams, and lighting as well. A combination of security cameras and other devices like motion detectors , and improved lighting will greatly increase the overall security of your building and deter criminals.

Burglars can be very sophisticated in their methods for breaking into a building. While some will simply break down a door or break a window to gain entry. A professional burglar will attempt to gain entry leaving as few traces as possible, and with as much stealth as possible. Often a professional burglar will only break into buildings that they believe or know to have goods of high value. So it is not uncommon to find a burglar attempting to bypass locks, dead bolts, alarm systems, and surveillance systems. Our analysis is very thorough and will often find issues with the layout of such systems, and locking mechanisms.

Why should I audit my building for security issues?

Having an audit performed on your building will identify areas of security risk that you should have corrected. Correcting those issues will protect your employees, customers, and your products as well. Having a sufficient surveillance system will allow you to better assist authorities in prosecuting criminals, and can even lower your insurance rates. Every security enhancement you make increases your return on investment (ROI) as your customers will feel more secure at your business, they will trust you more, and your protecting your employees which increases their moral. In the end it is a win, win situation that protects your investments, while increasing your customers trust.

Contact us to have a security audit performed on your buildings, learn about pricing, and other services that we offer.


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