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Small Business Services

Defcon-5 believes that there should be no reason why small businesses shouldn't have the same high level of security that large businesses and corporations do. However we also know that small businesses don't have the same resources (funding and staffing) as larger businesses. Because of this we balance our services and prices to work best for the average small business owner.

A few years ago the average small business owner didn't have to worry too much about hackers breaking into their systems and damaging valuable customer information. Hackers have learned that small businesses are a prime target as they often do not have the experience and staff needed to keep their systems secure. We want to keep the hackers out of your systems, allowing your staff to be more productive and you to worry less. What this means is when you have us come in you will get a thorough check of your systems, and because we focus on security and keep on top of it you know that your going to be safe from the latest threats. We will secure not only your desktops, but your network and can even handle the security of your office.

In addition to securing your network you can also request specific services that might be of best use to you:

Services Typically Offered for Small Businesses

Website Hosting Website Design


Feel free to browse our complete list of services to learn what we can do for you.

To setup a meeting to discuss services, and pricing contact us to make the first step in keeping the hackers out today!

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