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Web Hardening Service

As you probably know, all websites are constantly under attack by hackers, and various other threats such as viruses and worms. While a firewall can help stop some attacks, it can't stop everything. Websites and web servers themselves deserve special attention because they are available for any to access around the world, and they are also vulnerable to attacks from around the world as well.

We can perform an analysis on your websites and web servers to find common weaknesses in it's configuration, and software. Specializing in IIS, and Apache on Microsoft Windows systems, we can quickly and accurately find the most common vulnerabilities your website probably has.

Our service is complete, we will:

Why harden your website?

If your website gets hacked, or defaced it effects not only your staff time to fix the issue and return it to how it previously was, but it also affects your customers. The most obvious problem is that your customers may not be able to access your site while it is under repairs or is being attacked. However their are unseen issues as well. Your customers may not have as high a degree of trust in your company or your services if your website is hacked. The customers will be less likely to trust you with their personal information, and less likely to do business with you if they believe that their personal information will be at risk.

Securing your website can provide you with a higher Return On Investment (ROI) on what you spend to maintain and secure it. Your customers will return more to your site, and purchase more of your services if they can trust you to protect their information.

We are very flexible with our pricing and will work with you to find the optimal solution for your needs. Contact us to discuss what we offer, and setting up a meeting to secure your website. Take a chance to check out our pricing information as well.


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