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Service Pricing

Please note: Prices may change due to volume and frequent customer discounts. In some cases travel fees may apply if you are outside of our normal service area.

Typical Services:

  General Computer Repair and Security work
Not only can we secure your computer, but we can fix those other issues you have with your computer.
$70 per hour (Most issues fixed in 2 hours or less)

Data Recovery
Is your system not starting up? Computer making some weird sounds? You might want to have us back up your computer before it's too late.
$70 per hour (Maximum of $500)

Services For Networks and Servers:

  General Server Hardening
We will lock down the operation system of your server, and remove any additional software and services that could pose a security risk.
$70 per hour
  Network Hardening
Have us hunt down rouge wireless access points, and secure your routers so you can focus on other important tasks.
$70 per hour
  Security Policies
We can help you create a series of security policies to help you become compliant with various laws.
Contracts only - contact us
  Web Server Hardening
Don't let your website become a play ground for hackers! We'll lock down your web server's operating system and web server software.
$70 per hour (Contact us if you want us to lock down your custom web applications)

Training Services:

  Social Engineering Prevention Training
Learn why hackers are starting to target the human side of security, and staying away from the computer side!
$2000 flat rate for 1-2 days of training up to 20 people. (Contact us to get pricing over 20 individuals; travel costs will apply if you are outside of Virginia)

If you need help choosing which service is best for you, you can always contact us. We are always glad to help.

Last Updated: 03/10/2008 02:54 AM