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Malware Removal Services

Malware removal is something everyone can benefit from. On average the systems that we scan have between 20 to 40 different malware applications loaded on them. Malware is everything ranging from spyware to viruses. It is software intended to do harm to the computer it is running on, hinder it's performance, attack other computers, or steal personal information. This is a security risk for everyone, businesses and individuals alike.


Spyware so far is the biggest malware problem that we have found so far. It is not uncommon for us to scan a machine and find several different spyware programs loaded onto a clients machine. In fact we find more machines having spyware than we do machines with viruses. Spyware has it's name because it effectively spys on your activity such as internet browsing. This information is sent to the author of the spyware for analysis. Often spyware will come bundled with other software such as search bars for your web browser. To get around legal issues as well the company that bundles the spyware only states that it gathers personal information in it's software agreement that you agree to by installing the software.

Not only does spyware take your personal information, but it often degrades the performance of your computer, causes it crash far more than it would normally, and is a security risk as it is not known what every spyware program may be doing. Our customers often find that their computer will have a great increase in performance, and crash far less often once the spyware has been removed. This has saved some of our clients from purchasing new computers because they thought that it was the computer to blame, when in actuality it was the spyware that was causing the issues.

Viruses and Worms

Viruses and worms are a fairly common problem we have found. In addition they are very well known, and been becoming more and more of an issue over the last couple of years. In the early years of computing viruses would spread by means of sharing files on floppy disks or other media, now that has changed and has lead to the development of worms, and more intelligent viruses. Fortunately viruses scanners have gotten more intelligent as well and are catching viruses faster and faster. Viruses often damage files, and often use those files to spread themselves to other unknowing victims. Some viruses will delete, and damage files on a computer to the point that they are un recoverable. To make it even worse some viruses will simply not damage anything and stay hidden. These viruses open up communication channels for the author to use to get into your system when they want and gather information themselves, or use your computer to launch attacks on another computer or network.

How do you correct these issues?

Most of the time installing a virus scanner will prevent you from getting infected by viruses, and worms. The same goes for spyware, there are various software programs now that can remove and prevent spyware from being loaded on your computer. However there is always malware that is very hard to remove, or bypasses malware scanners. These software items must be removed manually, and can be very difficult to remove still. Sometimes the malware can become so imbedded into your system that the only choice you have is to reformat/reload your systems from scratch. As you can guess this can cause you to lose information, productivity, and causes you to waste time because your computer is not running correctly because of the malware. The ultimate solution is to stop the malware before it can get onto your system.

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Last Updated: 03/10/2008 02:52 AM