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We try to offer our security services to everyone because we feel no one should be without a level of security be it for a business or the average home owner. In order to make sure that our services can match anyone's budget we have created three tiers of service.

Designed for the average person/family this level of security deals with the most common security issues facing people today, provided at rates that falls within anyone's budget. Aimed at the small business that has just started or been in business for just a few years. This level of service is priced for businesses with low amounts of resources, and staff. Allowing any business to protect their investments, and increasing their chances for success. Our highest level of service this includes all of our services, including policy and procedure reviews. This level is for the organizations that want the highest level of security possible at a fair rate.

While we often offer our services as a package, we also allow you to pick and choose which of our services you want us to perform. This allows you to build your own custom solution that best focuses on your concerns. Take a look at the specific services that we offer, and learn about the various security issues facing you every day. Also feel free to check out our pricing you will find that our prices are very competitive.

Check out our different service levels and find out what is right for you. If you need help choosing which service level is best for you, you can always contact us.

Last Updated: 05/02/2008 05:30 PM