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Building your own computer system Part 3 - Finishing the Build

Building your own computer system Part 3 - Finishing the Build

Now that all your computer components are combined you now have Voltron! Defender of the universe... or just a computer that needs to be started up, one or the other. Chances are the later, so we have a few things to do before we actually turn this thing on.

First make sure that all your connections are solid and in place, and that everything is screwed in. We have one fan connector to hook up from the hard drive power cable, and remember to install the extra USB connector on the back panel if you want it. Now you will want to start planning how to put your wires out of the way. Normally you do this prior to hooking everything up, but In this case we do not have any way to route the cables so they stay out of the way of other components. So we will need to zip tie them up and out of the way.

It's traditional for me to leave the side panels off when I start up a system for the first time as when I don't I always seem to need to go back and fix something. Which will most likely happen in your case. When you first turn the system on, check that your power LED lights up, and that all the fans are spinning. When we get to installing the operating system you can check that the hard drive LED is properly working as well.

All new motherboards should give you a prompt about either new memory, processor, or something about needing to set defaults. At this point we will want to go into the bios and make sure everything is set correctly to our liking. Most importantly the boot settings, and that the CD, hard drive, processor, and RAM are properly detected.


That's it, after all that you can begin installing your operating system. I already have a set of videos on installing Windows 7 beta on YouTube, but nothing has really changed between the beta and release versions of the installer. So check those out if you want to install Windows 7 (I highly recommend it).

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Last Updated: 11/27/2009 10:07 AM

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