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The NOC TV Live Stream!

Get your tech questions answered live on our streaming TV

Protect Yourself

Defcon-5 helps the public and the security community better understand the threats that face them everyday.

Phishing Attacks

Learn about phishing attacks, what they are and how to spot them.

Preventing Spyware

Learn about spyware, stopping spyware, and how to remove spyware once it is on your computer.

Privacy Policy

Defcon-5 Privacy and data collection Policy

How to Articles

A small collection of our step by step guides and tutorials

Increase your ranking in search engines

Here are several of our tips to improve your search engine ranking.

Web Designer - Job Listing

Job listing for Web designer position

WEP Key Generator

WEP Key Generator allows you to quickly make secure keys.

Case Converter

Need to switch the case of a large block of text, this tool will do it.

Fraudulent Computer Repair Shops

A little bit of information about Fraudulent computer repair shops

Throughly not impressed with Facebook

I am not impressed with Facebook in any shape or form

Top 5 ways to help your favorite blog, or website out without spending a dime

5 ways you can help your favorite website or blog out with just a couple seconds of free time.

Adobe activation is ridiculous, and a failure

Adobe has managed time and time again to tick me off with software activations

Your Feedback is Appreciated

I'm changing the way the company is heading and I need your feedback to do it!

NOC: Episode 1 Issues with Vista

We discuss some of the issues with windows Vista that people normally see

NOC: Mac OS X Force Quit

Quick tip for how to force quit your hung up Mac OS X applications

NOC: Episode 3 Vista Barrows from the Mac

We demonstrate how some of the Mac OS X features have mysteriously shown up in Vista.

Video Episode 6 Cam Twist

A brief run through of cam twist and what it can do

Asus T91MT Netbook Tablet Review

I waited for the Apple iPad to be announced prior to reviewing this product.

Building your own computer system Part 3 - Finishing the Build

Now that all your computer components are combined you now have Voltron! Defender of the universe... or just a computer that needs to be started up, one or the other.

Software Patching Services

Defcon-5 can perform an audit on your systems to identify what software patches, and service packs your organization should implement.

Computer Repair Services

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Computer Security Auditing Services

Defcon-5 can perform an audit on the computers present at your organization to find viruses, vulnerabilities, and other security related issues

Data Recovery Service

Defcon-5 can recover data from pc's and macintosh computers, as long as the hard drive still runs, we can get your data.

Web Design Services

Defcon-5 can develop a custom website for you at a low cost that no one else can match.

Website Design Packages

Save money with Website Design package deals

Cold Fusion Hosting Plans

Low cost fast cold fusion hosting that anyone can afford

.Net and ASP Web Hosting

Low Cost ASP.Net Web Hosting.

Basic Web Hosting Plans

Low Cost Affordable Basic Web Hosting Plans

Knowledge Base Articles

Listing of our Knowledge base articles for you use

Windows Registry Documentation

Documentation and specifications on the Windows Registry

About Us

Learn about who Defcon-5 is and what we do

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