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NOC: Episode 7 Cool Gear

We discuss some options for making the NOC pay for itself.

Video: New NOC Site Launched

Video overview of the new NOC site

Contact Us at the NOC

Want to know how to get in touch with the NOC

The NOC TV Live Stream!

Get your tech questions answered live on our streaming TV

The NOC has new features!

I have finally gotten around to adding some much needed features to the website.

NOC Listing of all Gaming Articles

This is the listing of all gaming reviews, opions, and posts we have for the NOC

Updates to the NOC Site

A brief update on the changes to the website

NOC Listing of all Documents

This is the listing of all documents, and posts we have for the NOC

NOC: Episode 4 Dream Scene in Vista Home Premium

We show you how to get a video background on your Vista Home Premium and XP systems

Project E - The Specs

The system specifications of the Asus EEE900

NOC: Episode 3 Vista Barrows from the Mac

We demonstrate how some of the Mac OS X features have mysteriously shown up in Vista.

NOC Videos Listing

This is a listing of all of our Video posts

Palm Pre Review

Review of the Palm Pre and some of it's issues

EEE PC Performance Tuning

Optimizing performance of a EEE PC Netbook running Windows XP home

Building your own computer system Part 2 - Installing components

After getting all your parts together we can now we can get to the fun part! Assembling your computer one step at a time.

Project E - The awesome EEE PC 900

A little side project we are working on is suping up an EEE900

Published Articles

Articles on product implementation and general help on computer issues

NOC: Episode 1 Issues with Vista

We discuss some of the issues with windows Vista that people normally see

Episode 2 Features of Mac OS X

We demo some of the cool features in OS X

NOC: Mac OS X Force Quit

Quick tip for how to force quit your hung up Mac OS X applications

NOC: Episode 5 Using Trend Micro's HiJack This

We give a quick run down on what HiJack This is, and how to use it

All NOC Product Reviews

The listing of all of our product reviews to date.

NOC Episode Anti-Virus products

What antivirus product should you use

NOC Episode Running Windows On A Mac

We got a question about how to run Windows on a Mac during a live stream

NOC Episode Cleaning up your desktop in Windows Vista

Elijah suggested that we show you guys how to clean up your deskop on a Windows Vista machine

NOC Episode What is Photosynth

Photosynth is a new 3d image rendering program from Microsoft

NOC Episode Can your computer run Windows Vista

Several folks have asked about upgrading their computer to run Windows Vista

NOC Episode The Awesome Gizmo

Want to make free computer to computer calls, try Gizmo

NOC Episode Upgrading to Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

We finally got ahold of our copy of OS X 10.5 and decide to upgrade

NOC Episode Cleaning Electrical Contacts

What is the best way to clean up dirty electrical contacts.

NOC Episode: Opening a Mac Mini

A common question we see from some Mac owners, opening the mac mini

NOC Episode Changing your power button in Windows Vista

Change how your power button behaves in Windows Vista

NOC Episode Change detail columns in Windows Vista

Looking for a column that is missing in the detail view it's easy to change.

NOC Episode Running Programs as Administrator in Windows Vista

Having trouble running programs on Windows Vista, try running it as Administrator

NOC Episode Open DNS

Brief overview of the Open DNS service and how it can be used.

Cleaning your desktop computer

A simple video on cleaning out dust and dirt from your desktop

Review: AdBrite Advertising Network

Our review and experience with the AdBrite network

Software Review: McAfee Internet Security

The NOC reviews the McAfee internet security product line.

Noc: Episode Laptop Jack Replacement

We go through a laptop to show the process of replacing a power jack

Video Episode 6 Cam Twist

A brief run through of cam twist and what it can do

Facebook bug causes Twitter posts to flood Facebook walls

No surprise that a bug on Facebook was the cause of thousands of unwanted Twitter posts appearing on facebook.

Upcoming Website Changes

I have some website changes planned for the near future to improve your experience.

Webpage Update Progress

A few of the website changes I had previously discussed are now in place, and now I want some feedback!

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5, was broken in many ways

Mac OS X Leopard gave us many new features, however there are quite a few things it just simply broke.

Where do you buy your electronics equipment and gadgets from?

Some people have asked me where I purchase my equipment and parts from

5 Reasons why you should'nt use Google Chrome OS

Five reasons should be more than enough to tell you why you should'nt get a chrome book, besides the fact there are already devices like it.


Doc: Adding printers on a Macintosh should be easier

Installing printers on a Macintosh should be easier than this.

Protect Yourself

Defcon-5 helps the public and the security community better understand the threats that face them everyday.

Throughly not impressed with Facebook

I am not impressed with Facebook in any shape or form

Using the Ultimate Boot CD to recover files from a damaged system.

If your system no longer starts windows, you can still recover your files before you reload the system. All you need is an Ultimate boot CD, and an external drive.

Palm Pre Video Reviews

I've given a written review, now see the actual device itself in action

Review of the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 digital camera

Bang for the buck the Xacti VPC-CG10 has more features than other video cameras in it's price range.

Building your own computer system Part 1 - What you need

Building a computer yourself is pretty easy, however for a first time you should start by following someone else's example if possible.

Google Docs Review

Are you going to go GOOGLE for Google docs?

Logitech G19 Keyboard Review

The NOC reviews the Logitech G19 gaming keyboard

Video: Installing Windows 7 Beta

Installation of Windows 7 on our VMWare Virtual Machine

Video: Get Information about your system with CPUZ

Find out information about your computer using cpuz

Video: Installing a Hard Drive in a laptop

Quick overview on installing a hard drive in a laptop

Video: How to replace a laptop keyboard

Quick overview of how to replace a keyboard in a laptop

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