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Internet Hardening Services

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your internet connection to identify security weaknesses. In addition to correcting them to maximize the security of your company.

Internet Hardening Service

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your internet connection to identify security weaknesses. In addition to correcting them to maximize the security of your company.

Unable to Connect to Internet with Panda Internet Security 2007

Unable to browse or connect to the internet

Unable to connect to internet from multiple computers

Unable to update your protection. Make sure your internet connection works before trying again.

New Trend Micro Internet Security 2010

The latest version of Trend Micro Internet Security has been released, so it's time for me to give an updated review and opinion on it.

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Freezes After start up.

Unable to change home page in internet explorer

Knowledge Base Articles for 2007

Listing of all Knowledge Base Articles created by Defcon-5 in 2007

The message could not be opened from Outbox folder

5 Reasons why you should'nt use Google Chrome OS

Five reasons should be more than enough to tell you why you should'nt get a chrome book, besides the fact there are already devices like it.

Wireless Security Services

Defcon-5 can lock down your wireless networks and access points to prevent unauthorized entry by hackers passing by.

Software Review: McAfee Internet Security

The NOC reviews the McAfee internet security product line.

Server Hardening Service

Defcon-5 can perform an analysis on your servers to identify potential vulnerabilities that are often missed, and should be corrected to maximize the security of your infrastructure.

You receive popup ads while Browsing the internet.

You receive a dialog box asking for a user name and password when navigating away from a word document

Unable to find Windows Update on the Tools menu

Unable to connect to Internet with new modem

Unable to install Windows anytime upgrade

Troubleshooting Networking issues in Windows XP

Most networking and internet issues are caused by simple misconfigurations

Google Chrome OS Beta Review

Google has released Chrome OS in beta form for developer preview and testing. I have managed to get ahold of a copy in virtual machine disk format to review.

Why your PSP download speed is so slow

People always try to figure out why their PSP download speed is so slow, well no setting in the world can fix slow hardware.

Preventing Spyware

Learn about spyware, stopping spyware, and how to remove spyware once it is on your computer.

How to increase your Website popularity in local searches

Increase the popularity of your website in local searches

How to connect to a Wireless network with Linksys Network monitor

Connect to your wireless network if windows tells you that it cannot configure this wireless connection.

NOC Episode Open DNS

Brief overview of the Open DNS service and how it can be used.

The NOC TV Live Stream!

Get your tech questions answered live on our streaming TV

Remote Support

Defcon-5 Offers remote support options over the internet, this page is a guide to help you understand what our technicians require.

Unable to acquire an IP address from a DHCP Server

Unexpected file avgrsstx.dll shows up in AppInt_DLLs section of HiJack This scan.

Unable to access registry keys or reset registry permissions

Knowledge Base Articles for 2008

Listing of all 2008 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

Unable to connect to the internet on Windows Vista

Negative ping responses from routers and loopbacks.

Knowledge Base Articles for 2009

Listing of all 2009 Defcon-5 Knowledge base articles.

svchost.exe uses high amounts of processing time

Office 2003 will not activate by telephone

Nintendo DSi has shorter than expected battery life

Specific Services

Defcon-5 offers numerous security services to individuals, and businesses to increase the security of their computer systems, and their physical infrastructure.

Cold Fusion Hosting Plans

Low cost fast cold fusion hosting that anyone can afford

Personal/Family Service

Learn about the various security services that Defcon-5 offers to individuals, and families.

Malware Removal Services

Defcon-5 can remove various types of malware from your computers and network, such as spyware, viruses, and worms.

Palm Pre Review

Review of the Palm Pre and some of it's issues

Google Chrome Review

Does Google Chrome

What to look for in purchasing a used computer

Keep an eye out for the following issues when you guy a used computer from someone, even a PC dealer.

Review: AdBrite Advertising Network

Our review and experience with the AdBrite network Serving up Malware via Ads last weekend

Last weekend the news site was displaying Ads that contained malware.

Adobe activation is ridiculous, and a failure

Adobe has managed time and time again to tick me off with software activations

NOC Episode Anti-Virus products

What antivirus product should you use

NOC Episode What is Photosynth

Photosynth is a new 3d image rendering program from Microsoft

Web Designer - Job Listing

Job listing for Web designer position

Throughly not impressed with Facebook

I am not impressed with Facebook in any shape or form

Keep your software up to date

I wish I could stress this even more, keep your software up to date and prevent issues.

The NOC has new features!

I have finally gotten around to adding some much needed features to the website.

Netbooks vs Laptops what is the difference

What makes a netbook different from a laptop, they are cheaper, and smaller so why not get one? Well here's a few reasons why not to.

Increase your ranking in search engines

Here are several of our tips to improve your search engine ranking.

Quick Tip - Jump to your browser's address bar

Here is a quick tip on how to jump to the address bar on your browser using your keyboard.

Published Articles

Articles on product implementation and general help on computer issues

Privacy Policy

Defcon-5 Privacy and data collection Policy

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