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Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Review

Posted by Robert Hall on 04/24/2010 12:57 AM
Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch ReviewWhen I get money from advertising I generally spend it on getting a new product to review. This time around I got the Wacom Bamboo pen and touch. I was looking for something that could give my wrist some alternative motion instead of using my mouse all the time, but from experience I didn't want to use my full 12 inch Wacom pen tablet for everyday use.

In comes the Wacom Bamboo, it gives me the option to use touch or pen/stylus for input into the computer allowing me to vary how my wrist is interacting with the screen.

I mostly use it for the multi touch capabilities and have barely used any of the pen features. The multitouch for browser, and document navigation makes it extremely useful for me when I am re...

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Asus T91MT Netbook Tablet Review

Posted by Robert Hall on 03/06/2010 11:39 PM
Asus T91MT Netbook Tablet ReviewI waited for the Apple iPad to be announced prior to reviewing this product. As I knew I would get several questions on how it compares to it. However to my surprise the iPad had far less features and functionality than I was expecting, making the Asus T91MT in a class further above the iPad. The T91MT is a convertable netbook, that turns into a tablet. It features a touch screen that  also has multi touch functionality, allowing for pinch, zoom and scroll right on the screen without using the mouse or included stylus. The stylus included has a small magnet built into it for putting the computer to sleep with a wave of the stylus, and helping to hold it in place inside the body of the netbook. While the screen is com...

Logitech G19 Keyboard Review

Posted by Robert Hall on 08/30/2009 05:56 AM
Logitech G19 Keyboard ReviewI've had my Logitech G19 for a couple weeks now, and I've had some time to play with all the features. As usual with all my reviews I'll keep it pretty straight forward, and give a listing of the key features and disadvantages of the product. The G19 is targeted primarily for high end gamers market who want macro, and LCD funcationality from their keyboard. The G19 provides this in addition to a few other features. The G19 is the current successor to the G15 series of keyboards previously produced (and I believe still is being produced) by Logitech. The G15 features VERY similair functionality compared to the G19, with the exception that the LCD is full color, has a customizable back light for the keyboard, and in some models of ...

Google Docs Review

Posted by Robert Hall on 08/08/2009 11:07 PM
Google Docs ReviewYou know that crazy bird that sells the cocoa puffs, Sonny... I think his name is. Anyway he is always Cucoo for cocoa puffs, and makes it well known. That's what I always think of when someone tells me about a new application, or feature from Google. Everyone seems to be GOOGLE for Google stuff! Google seems to be the solution for everything to a point that the word Google is a noun, a verb, and I believe an adjective now. You could probably name an entire sentice using just the word Google. What I am getting at is that Google is making a bigger and bigger push to replace desktop software with web applications. Obviously these applications are the ones that they make, and can put ads on or around. Recently they have started a hu...

Epson Workforce 600 - An Epic Fail Like no Other

Posted by Robert Hall on 07/28/2009 11:29 PM
I wish I could write this review in a positive way, but doing so would be doing an injustice to you and giving the programs of this product too much credit. I am talking about the Epson Workforce 600 all in one printer/fax/scanner/copier with Ethernet, and Wireless. I have setup many printers, and all in one units in my day, from huge laser jets, to printing presses, and from all makes and models. But never before have I had such a horrible experience setting up a printer. The problem...

Google Chrome Review

Posted by Robert Hall on 07/27/2009 03:21 AM
Google Chrome ReviewI find that Google Chrome for the most part works fine. I have a few issues with it, mostly in the display arena, and the complete lack of settings. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that if you save a file in a directory that already has a file of the same name, Chrome automatically renames it. This is a problem if you visit a site alot, and download a file. You may have forgotten that you already downloaded the file, however Chrome "helps" you and automatically changes the name of the new download so you don't overwrite it. This should be an option so you can turn it off if you don't want it. Also with the SSL settings I was refering to the options of SSL, and TLS found in Internet Explorer and Fir...

Palm Pre Review

Posted by Robert Hall on 06/24/2009 01:50 AM
I got my Palm Pre about two weeks ago now, and unlike other reviewers I've actually spent some time with the device and used it in real world scenarios, and not just ooh and ahh'd at the latest techno gadget. For me a product has to work, and be efficient. Sure it can have some nice bells and whistles but if they slow me down, or do nothing to improve how I work; then they are useless to me. You can expect a video review to come shortly, but for now here is my standard text write up! - Update the Video is up . So for you to understand where I am coming from on this, my last phone was a Treo 650 runni...

Software Review: McAfee Internet Security

Posted by Robert Hall on 03/12/2009 03:57 PM
This is probably going to be the first review you will have ever read about not just one version of a product, but the ENTIRE line of the product from day one. I'm going to tell you my experiences, and those of my customers with the entire McAfee Internet Security suite, and anti-virus product up to version 2009. The Initial Encounter The first time I ever came across McAfee was on an HP Pavilion I got back in 1995. Yes the same one I did the keyboard cleaning video about! Back then viruses were usually only spread via sneaker-net,downloading things you should'nt have, and email viruses were just starting to be popular. Well, long story short I had fallen victim to a little critter that infected via a malformed wav file...

Review: AdBrite Advertising Network

Posted by Robert Hall on 01/18/2009 01:01 PM
As you may have noticed, The NOC is mostly funded through our advertisers. So when we went through and began preparing our website for the redesign in January 2009 we decided we should increase the effectiveness of our ads. Besides just ad placement (Man did that need improving), we decided to see if there was a way to get more buck for the space. We had looked around for various advertisers that could pay more than what google was for us. That is when we heard about AdBrite. In summary AdBrite is a bit like Google AdWord, with the exception that people can SPECIFICALLY advertise on your site, and can set their price for click. This might not sound all that special, but letting advertisers direct where the...

All NOC Product Reviews

Posted by Robert Hall on 01/18/2009 10:55 AM
This page is simply just a listing of all of our product reviews to date. If you are looking for something specific please use the search to avoid going crazy. Thanks,...

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