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NOC: Mac OS X Force Quit

Posted by Robert Hall on 03/10/2008 02:33 AM
During the recording of one of our Videos on uStream; MOSOS in the chat room asked how did I do the force quit in OS X.

You can do this with the shortcut of Apple+Option+Q+Esc

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Episode 2 Features of Mac OS X

Posted by Robert Hall on 03/10/2008 02:33 AM
I go over some of the cool features built directly into the Mac OS X. Such as the finder, application installations, spotlight, and just in general basic functionality of the operating system. For the most part all of the unuquie features of Mac OS X I find to just simply be "Oh that's cool", and nothing that would make me drop using Windows or really any operating system to switch to it. This goes the same way, if I look at Windows from an Apple standpoint, I don't see any features that wow me, or make me say "Yes I must switch for that". The biggest thing with Apple's interface is that they designed it to be easy, clean and simple. This is a strong point, but it also is a weakness when you start digging into needing...

NOC: Episode 1 Issues with Vista

Posted by Robert Hall on 03/10/2008 02:33 AM
We get questions all the time, asking us what are these issues with Vista, should they downgrade to XP. Should they upgrade to Vista, is Vista compatible with their software and hardware?
The quick and low down is that we just have'nt seen many issues at all with Vista. Almost all the issues we have seen have been due to simple things that take little to no effort to fix. People trying to run old programs without updating them or installing a patch can have issues, but for the most part won't. Some pieces of hardware do not come with Vista drivers, but they are available from the company's website as a free download. Finally the most common issue is people running VERY out of date software on Vista that barely ran under W...

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