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Quick Tip - Controlling your cursor position with the keyboard

Every one goes through and types on their computer, be it a small comment on YouTube or a report in Microsoft word. Today we have another set of keyboard short cuts to help you with your cursor position. In particular moving the position of your cursor using your keyboard.

To move your cursor around a block of text a character at a time you can use your left and right arrow keys. To move up or down a line you can use the up and down arrow keys.

Now for the more advanced shortcuts.

To jump to the start of a line press the home key. To jump to the end of a line press the end key.

To jump to the top of the page press ctrl + home. To jump to the end of a page press ctrl + end.

Simple, and effective right?

Now for a bonus tip!

If you hold down shift and press any of the keys to move the cursor you will highlight the text from where the cursor was to where you just told it to move to.

So holding shift and pressing the arrow keys can highlight text a character at a time, or entire lines at a time. Holding shift and pressing ctrl + home will highlight everything from where you were to the top of the page.

Usually I press end, and then hold shift and press home. This allows me to select entire lines of text without having to use the mouse.

Last Updated: 01/09/2009 07:31 PM

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