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Quick Tip - Cut, copy, and paste with your keyboard

Did you know that you can cut, copy, and paste using just your keyboard? Well you can with a couple of keyboard shortcuts!

This might seem a bit hard to remember, but if you remember it like this it will be a piece of cake. Notice that x, c, and v are all beside each other on your keyboard. If you remember that the x is like a pair of scissors you can associate that with cutting selections. If you remember that the c is copy, your set. The only thing left is v for paste.

Why did they use x, c, and v ? Simply because they are right beside each other most likely, also my theory is kinda like my memorization tip above with X looking a bit like a pair of scissors.

What good is this to you? Well it can save you a few seconds everyday once you get use to using it, and second there are cases where a program's cut, copy, and paste button is'nt working or just does'nt exist, but the keyboard shortcut still works.

Last Updated: 01/07/2009 02:58 AM

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