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How to check if a single web page is in the Google index

If you want to check if a single Web page of your site has been indexed by Google, go to and enter the "info:" command with your Web page URL, for example:

If your web page is in the Google index, Google will offer you to show the cached version of the page, or to find similar pages, pages that link to your page, or that contain your URL on the page. While google does not flat out say that your page is in their index, being able to see the cached version indicates that Google did indeed index that page at some point in time.

If the web page is not in Google's index you will get a result similair to this:

Your search - info: - did not match any documents.

Keep in mind that being in Google's to be indexed list and being in the index is two different things. If you have recently submitted your site to Google to be indexed it may take over a month before your site is actually indexed for the first time.


Last Updated: 06/08/2008 10:09 PM

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